Our Vision

A world of favorable conditions and opportunities which guarantees the sound growth and development of women and children.

Our Mission Statement

To create the requisite environment devoid of discrimination, violence, illiteracy, poor health and poverty to sustain the development of women and children.

Our Motto

Women and girls provide life, let's protect them.

Our Philosophy

"Education is the Key to Unlock all other Opportunities in Life"

Our Objectives

  1. To create the requisite socio-economic environment which will enable the neglected rural child to develop his full potentials
  2. To promote mechanisms that will enhance the accessibility and quality education for children especially the girl child
  3. To ensure that children and women have full access to health delivery systems in order to guarantee a healthy growth and development
  4. To equip needy women with skills and opportunities that will enable them to become economically independent so that they can take better care of their children
  5. To increase the awareness on women and children's rights through advocacy on Sexual and Reproductive Health so as to enable them reclaim their dignity and independence
  6. To build capacities of women and the communities so as to break significantly the poverty cycle

Organizational Goals

J'S FUND FOR HOPE is established to undertake programs which are geared towards the achievement of the following mission goals within our operational communities:-