Our Modest Achievements (2008-2018)

Currently, 247 needy children between the ages of 3 to 17 years are benefiting from our sponsorship programs.

200 of them have been enrolled in basic schools.

Out of the number of children enrolled in basic schools70% of them are girls.

The Health Insurance Program has registered 90 children and 38 women on the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS).

The BECE Registration of 30 girls have been paid as at December 2017.

2 girls are being sponsored in a Technical/Vocational Institute.

11 teenage mothers are being sponsored to continue their basic education.

12 adolescent girls (13-18) were assisted to learn trades as at 2014.

32 Awareness campaigns have been organized in four districts so far as part of our Advocacy activities at which issues on Human Rights of Women and Girls, especially Girl Child Education, Sexual Health and Reproductive Health Rights and Violence Against Women and Girls and Income generation projects are thoroughly discussed with seasoned professionals.

We have also groomed 1000 women to be assisted under our Transforming Rural Women and Girls Initiative (TRAWGI) our mainstream project.

Out of this number 520 are school drop outs.

They are currently undergoing guidance and counseling sessions waiting for funding for placement on the Motherhood Programs.

80% of beneficiaries are victims and those at risk of violence against women and girls.