Economic Empowerment

Livelihood Projects

This issue is paramount in our resolve to alleviate poverty. The high poverty rate transcends every aspect of the social life of women and girls as the underlying causal factor. The rate of all issues that militate against the development of girls and women vary according to the economic status of either the family or the community. Therefore the child marriage rate in a community where there are buoyant economic activities will be lesser than communities where the main and only activity is rain fed subsistence farming. It is our target to establish income generating ventures in each community using the viability of the local resources available. In addition, we intend to introduce the application of modern agricultural technology in our agricultural activities. We believe than it is only when women are economically independent that the needs of children could be met since the upbringing of children falls squarely on the shoulders of women. Our own research has revealed that about 60% of children in the secondary schools in Ghana are being sponsored by women. We have therefore come to the conclusion that "if women are lifted out of poverty, they will bring along their children too out of it."

We will strive to establish livelihood projects that will stand the test of time to sustain the outcomes of all our intervention programs and projects.

Vocational Skills Acquisition Initiative

This initiative is the informal educational component intended for target populations who for one reason or the other cannot pursue formal education. Beneficiaries, 13-16 yrs, may include illiterate teen mothers, adolescent girls who have never been to school, female school drop outs, rescued trafficked girls who cannot commence schooling, handicapped victims of domestic violence, adolescent girls of various forms of disabilities etc. They may be assisted to learn vocations or trades of their choice to enable them earn decent livelihoods and also be in the position to take better care of their children.